The Toronto chapter of the JUMP Mentorship Program has been proudly pairing graduates from a wide variety of disciplines with mentors since 2009.  A highlight of the 2017 program was the May 11 panel discussion on the Canadian Medical Marijuana industry  graciously hosted by TD. The panel consisted of three industry leaders, all Bishop's University alumnae and was expertly facilitated by seasoned journalist Kim Parlee. Panelists were Tim Saunders SVP and CFO of Canopy Growth Corp, Ian MacNair CFO of Canopy Health Innovation and John Laurie CFO of Emblem Cannabis .

 2017/2018   Events:

14-September- A Kick off  Breakfast . This year's welcome and networking event will be at Verity (111d Queen Street East, Toronto) .It is the second Thursday of the month but will be a 7:30 AM breakfast to see if that time of day proves easier for attendees.

12-October  - an early visit to the Power Plant  with a talk by Director Gaetane Verna  on the important role of contemporary art 

9-November -  a Remembrance day talk

5-  December  - annual ROM visit  . .for the Dior exhibit with a get together post tour at Brew Ha Ha

11-January  - a welcome in the new year and welcome to the program networking event at the Verity Club

15- February - a business 'Start Ups' panel with moderated discussion on the world of entrepreneurs, ideas and success.

22- March- a pub night at The Fifth on Richmond

12- April- a talk by Stewart Dutfield - Toronto's Project Lead on resilience at The Verity Club

9 -May- keynote by Ross Hunt CFO of Costco and BU grad '81 with location at TD Tower 


Steering Committee:

The Toronto Steering Committee members are:

  • Elaine Roper
  • Jo-Anne Ryan
  • Betty Hutchins
  • Aaron Ries
  • David Pawluczuk
  • Ashley Carpenter
  • Melanie Wilson


Bishops' University graduates interested in becoming mentors or protégés should go the 'Applications' page on this site and follow the simple set of steps  required to apply. Application submission date for 2018 applicants is August 31st 


The Toronto fees are $240 per year, but they can be paid as $120 instalments per semester.  All fees are used to pay for events and meals.  JUMP does not make a profit.  

Fees can be paid by cheque or cash, and email money transfers are also accepted.  Please reach out to David Pawluczuk ( with any additional questions.

Contact Info

Bishop's alumni interested in contacting program organizers with questions should send an e mail to and we will get right back to you.