The 2018/2019 season will mark the 10 year anniversary for the the Toronto chapter of the JUMP Mentorship Program and the steering committee is giving shape to this year's program. Applications have been coming in and mentor protégé pairings will be finalized in August along with the upcoming year's event schedule. 

A highlight of the 2017/18  season was the May 9th  speaker event featuring alumnus Ross Hunt  BU '81 , CFO of Costco Canada . The event  was graciously hosted by TD and Ross'  keynote address on 'Why Cosco is Unstoppable' drew an audience of close to 100 alumnae and friends of the university  .  

2018/2019   Events:

The schedule for the 10th anniversary year is  still being finalized however the September kick off date is listed below as are some of the event currently being planned

 19-September- An evening Kick off   . This year's welcome and networking event will be held a week before Bishop's homecoming weekend .While the date is fixed the  location will be finalized in August . 

October  - TBD

Early December -  the annual visit to the ROM followed by drinks and food

Early February   - the Toronto chapter will host a 10th anniversary party inviting all protégés, mentors and speakers who have participated in the program since its inception. 

May  - the annual TD speakers event graciously hosted by TD at the TD Tower in the heart of Toronto's financial district


Steering Committee:

The Toronto Steering Committee members are:

  • Elaine Roper
  • Jo-Anne Ryan
  • Betty Hutchins
  • Aaron Ries
  • David Pawluczuk
  • Ashley Carpenter
  • Melanie Wilson
  • James MacVicar


Bishops' University graduates interested in becoming mentors or protégés should go the 'Applications' page on this site and follow the simple set of steps  required to apply. Application submission date for 2018 applicants is August 27th

Contact Info

Bishop's alumni interested in contacting program organizers with questions should send an e mail to and we will get right back to you.