The Power of Purpose with Former EY Partner Ian Cavanagh

The JUMP Halifax group had the pleasure of welcoming Ian Cavanagh at our last event on March 21st. Ian spoke on The Power of Purpose in Business and Life.

Ian’s definition of purpose is: an aspirational reason for being that is grounded in humanity and which inspires a call to action.

Purpose endeavours to explain the "why" in our lives as opposed to the "what" and "how." Simon Sinek's TED Talk, "The Golden Circle," provide an excellent overview of this and comes highly recommended by Ian. The Golden Circle focuses on how some companies first define their "why" and then move on to the how and what (i.e., Apple or Nike) while other companies define the what and move inward to the how and why (i.e., Dell or Adidas). Using these brands examples, Ian provided a powerful analogy about how two companies that provide extremely similar products yield drastically different results in terms of their ability to connect with their customers and ultimately engage and connect with customers on a more powerful level.

Ernst and Young facilitated a discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos on purposeful transformation with a distinguished panel of global CEOs like Arianna Huffington, Antony Jenkins and Richard Branson. Slowly but surely companies are recognizing that purpose translates into the bottom line.

Organizations that embody Purpose see significant results, for example:

  • Employees are 1.4x more engaged and 1.7x more satisfied
  • Attract, retain and engage customers with 89% if clients believing a purpose driven company will deliver the highest results
  • Increase returns for shareholders by 10x(outperformed the S&P 500 between 1996 and 2011)

Ian encouraged BU Jump members to reflect on their personal and professional experiences to determine the following:

  • Do you have clarity regarding your own personal purpose?
  • Do you personally embody and live your purpose? Are you perceived as a personal leader?
  • How well defined is your organization's purpose?
  • Is its purpose message cascaded throughout the organization and applicable to all?
  • Is your organizations purpose activated through your processes, systems, products, services, and decisions?
  • Do you have the courage to lead your business through the lens of purpose?

If you would like to learn more about the power of purpose, please reach out to for the slide deck used during this discussion and a copy of the business case from Harvard Business Review on "The Power of Purpose."


Get Up There for Colorectal Cancer Halifax JUMP Team

On February 24th, members of JUMP Halifax participated in Get Up There, an event to raise money for Colorectal Cancer Research. The team consisted of Dave Van De Wetering, Malcolm Boyle, Andrew Lacas, Matt Saunders, Susan Smith, Hannah Graham, Ellen Drysdale and Karam Virk. The team raised $3100 and were in the top four teams in fundraising. 

An enlightening exercise to kick off 2017 in Halifax

The Halifax chapter of BU JUMP was pleased to welcome career coach Sandi Roberts on January 25th, 2017 at an event hosted at the law offices of McInnes Cooper. Sandi is a leadership development coach, consultant, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of professional experience in both the public and private sectors. Sandi’s engaging talk, “What the heck is coaching and what’s in it for me,” provided an overview of career coaching and how it can help personal and professional development at any stage of life.

The discussion included an interactive exercise in which Sandi challenged the audience to take a holistic view of their respective surroundings by evaluating eight different aspects of their lives, including one’s career, family & friend, significant other, fun & recreation, health, financial situation, personal growth, and physical environment. The exercise allowed the audience to determine what components in their lives should be celebrated and provided context as to where they should look to help improve their personal positions.

JUMP members found widely viewed the exercise and ensuing discussion as helpful, informative, and a valuable undertaking to unlock one’s potential.


Neal Brothers and Beau's

Certain things just go together: peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, and thunder and lightning. Thanks to two Bishop’s alumnae, the mentors and protégés of the Toronto chapter of the JUMP mentorship program got to experience another formidable duo: gourmet snack foods and craft beers.

The November event, the third of the 2016-2017 program, featured speakers Peter Neal, co-owner of Neal Brothers Foods, and Brian “Banana” Moleiro, a sales representative for Beau’s Brewing Company. The two alumnae generously shared their career journeys, their respective passion for social entrepreneurship and their first class products with a group of 32 mentors and protégés.

Peter started with an anecdote about how he concocted the idea for Neal Brothers Foods while in a sociology class in his first year at Bishop’s. From humble beginnings producing croutons in their parents’ kitchen, he and his brother were able to grow their company to where it is today, distributing not only their own products, but also those of over 40 different brands throughout Eastern Canada. For the event, Peter generously supplied multiple high quality organic snack foods including potato and tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole.

While Peter finished up his talk and invited us to sample the delicious array of foods, Brian readied the beautifully labelled varieties of Beau’s beer for tasting. Starting with Lug Tread, the most recognized of the Beau’s brands, Brian also shared some stories about his life since Bishop’s, including how he donned the nickname “Banana”. From there he cracked open a bottle or two (or three) of each of the other four brands provided for the event: Buenos Dias (a citrus-flavoured beer), Patershier (a Belgian-style ale), La Formidable (an American-belgo IPA) and Marzen ( an Oktoberfest-inspired Amber).

With our bellies full, plates licked clean and sample glasses drained of every last drop, we thanked our two special guests for an inspirational evening fuelled by their engaging stories and unwavering passion for fantastic food and beer produced by successful family owned, independent and socially conscious businesses.

Next up for JUMP Toronto is the annual after-hours curator tour of the Royal Ontario Museum in early December.

JUMP Halifax supports a past presenter

The Halifax Chapter of the Bishop’s University JUMP program had the pleasure of being invited to Gerry Walsh’s, book launch on October 26th. Gerry, a speaker at a previous JUMP event, is an established Human Resources professional and has interviewed over 10,000 candidates.

Gerry spent three years writing his book, PINNACLE: How to Land the Right Job and Find Fulfillment in Your Career. He based it on his past experience and did research on current trends in hiring and employment.

From Gerry’s publisher: “How would it feel if you looked forward to going to work every morning? If the work you did was interesting and challenging and done with people you like and respect? If your responsibilities aligned with your education and experience and you felt you were being paid fairly for your efforts?

Whether you are 30 years old and still trying to get launched on the right career path, 45 and still moving up the corporate ladder, or 60 and seeking meaningful work in the last phase of your career, Pinnacle: How to Land the Right Job and Find Fulfillment in Your Career presents a roadmap to find the job best suited to you.

Presented with practical tips and real-life stories from Gerald Walsh’s extensive experience in the recruiting field, you’ll gain valuable insights about yourself, learn new approaches to the job search, and develop hands-on strategies for achieving career success.“

If you are interested in learning more about Gerry s book visit:

Thanks to Gerry for the invite and the shout out during the event! We greatly appreciated it.


At the age of four we begin kindergarten. After learning our ABCs we move onto grade school, then high school and finally, if we are fortunate, either college or university. But what comes after graduation? For the first time in our lives, there is more than one obvious option with no guide or script to follow. Traditionally, there are two choices: either go back to school for another degree, or get a job. In choosing the latter, where do you start? Unless you are lucky enough to have an opportunity lined up after exams conclude, finding a full time employment can be a long and difficult process. This is where having a mentor can be a great advantage.

            At Bishop’s University we were fortunate to attend a school that offered so many fantastic programs to its students, something that continues once you graduate and become an official alumni. JUMP is one such program.

            Pairing protégés with an experienced mentor, JUMP helps give recent graduates the necessary tools to get them off on the right foot. Whether it’s setting their protégés up with the right people to assist in finding a job in their field of choice, or lending advice on adapting to the real world, the mentors are all ready and willing to help however they can.

            Personally, my mentor answered my questions regarding the transition to everyday work life after graduation. He also introduced me to some contacts that helped give me more information about the field in which I’m interested, charmed with some interesting stories and even allowed me to chew his ear off on occasion.

            While the one-on-one meetings with a mentor offer the opportunity to pick the brain of an experienced business professional and are the foundation on which JUMP is built, the monthly events put on by the steering committee are what really set this program apart. This year many amazing guest speakers – from former Toronto Mayor David Miller and co-chairs of Toronto’s Pride Festival Aaron GlynWilliams and Alica Hall –were invited to address the program’s participants. Though the speakers were entertaining and educational, the most compelling of these events had to be the after-hours curator tour of the Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibit on Mexican Textiles. The museum at night is a sight to see on it’s own, the exhibit was fascinating and the bonding experience with drinks and appetizers afterwards at a nearby bar was an added bonus.

            Aligning with the school year, JUMP takes a break for the summer after the final event in May and, much like attending Bishop’s, while I know I am going to enjoy my summer, I cannot wait to get back at it in September. Having met so many wonderful people and learned a lot about myself, I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first year in this incredible program and would recommend it to every other recently minted Bishop’s alumni. If interested go to and fill out a brief application.



“If we don’t protect nature, we can’t protect humans,” is the provocative thought that David Miller, Canadian World Wildlife President and CEO, used to kick off the terrific February 18th talk that he gave to the Toronto chapter of JUMP.

Recapping highlights from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris last November, the former Toronto Mayor displayed the same confidence and charisma that got him elected as he spoke engagingly about climate change, the effects it will have on our environment and economy and how we can all make subtle changes in our everyday lives to help reduce harmful emissions.

Mayor Miller emphasized that protecting the environment does not necessarily hurt the economy. If we support environmental initiatives that are underway, such as harnessing the power of the tides in the Bay of Fundy, Canada can become a leader in new technologies and garner investment from other countries, creating jobs for locals in the process.

Mr. Miller’s bench strength in municipal politics and experience as head of a leading environmental protection agency was in evidence. He shared insights on how reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions in cities will best be tackled by focussing on the 75% generated through transportation, electricity and the heating and cooling of office buildings. He pointed to three cities that have successfully implemented plans to become more environmentally friendly: Seoul in South Korea, Shenzhen in China and Melbourne in Australia.

When asked what we can do to help the cause, Miller recommended walking, biking or taking public transportation instead of cars whenever possible and taking the train instead of short-haul flights. He also advocated ensuring that homes and offices are properly insulated, thereby using less heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

In what was surely many observers’ first time encountering a public figure of such stature in such an intimate setting, David Miller did not disappoint. He was cordial and polite, exhibiting great wit and humour throughout the presentation by sharing such anecdotes as his appreciation for the‘fantastic coffee’ served at the Paris conference.  This President and CEO definitely made it a pleasure to be a part of the group and we want to thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak us and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


Busting open the secret….mentoring program coming to a city near you

Graduates of Bishop’s were not surprised to hear that Maclean’s Magazine’s 2015 university issue ranked Bishop’s University #1 for quality of student life.  While the rest of the world might be surprised, we didn’t need the magazine ranking to confirm what we already know, which is that our university experience was THE BEST.  In fact, the Bishop’s secret is too well kept and it is time spread the word.

Another ‘secret' that needs to be ‘busted open’ is the existence of the JUMP mentoring program for Bishop’s graduates who are embarking on or in the early stages of their career. Established in Toronto some 7 years ago by a small group of dedicated alumni, the program was set up to provide Bishop’s graduates with a mentoring community offering support, perspective and inspiration for professional development. The program’s aim is to encourage, energize and open eyes. JUMP does this by matching Bishop’s graduates from any discipline with seasoned business leaders who operate as sounding boards and guides to the graduates in the early stages of their careers.  The JUMP group also meets monthly for learning and networking events.  

Great news is that the Toronto based program has been so successful that it expanded into Halifax January, of 2015 and will launch in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver in winter 2016. Still, like the university itself, the program feels like a carefully guarded secret and it shouldn’t be. We are busting it open to all Bishop’s University students! Anyone interested in finding out more about the program and how it can help just needs to send an email expressing interest to and we will happily to connect you with the program that pairs graduates with a mentor who offers them: ‘a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a nudge in the right direction.’