The JUMP Mentorship Program

Getting a firm foothold in the working world can feel like swimming upstream for today's university graduates.  The JUMP Mentorship Program was established in 2009 by a small group of dedicated alumni in order to help support new and recent graduates launch, or 'JUMP start', their careers.

Our Program

There are three core elements to the JUMP Mentorship Program:

  1. The Mentoring Relationship
  2. The Speaker & Networking Series
  3. The Instructive Seminars

The first core element is the mentoring relationship in which Bishop’s graduates from any discipline are matched with seasoned business and professional leaders who operate as sounding boards and guides to graduates in the early stages of their careers.  The second core element is the monthly speaker and networking series.  The third core element is an instructive series of seminars covering important How-To's on the mentoring relationship, networking, building a CV, building a career, financial planning, and professional etiquette.


The JUMP Mentorship Program started in Toronto and has successfully expanded to Halifax, Ottawa, and Vancouver.  The program provides Bishop’s graduates with a supportive network of peers and mentors who enjoy learning with, and from, each other.

"Professional growth is like a marathon. It cannot be completed without hard work and training.  You need internal drive and support from other to reach the finish line.  JUMP is like a running group who push you and motivate you to continue, providing guidance and tips along the way". 

"Imagine firecrackers popping and the sounds of excitement and celebration.  JUMP can feel like this because it is a catalyst for the kind of creative and intellectual growth that comes from being open and putting yourself in situations where synchronicity can happen."

"Like the view from a mountain top, JUMP helps create a bigger picture.  When you are unclear of which path to take, JUMP can show you that it is okay not to have a dead set career plan.  The world is full of endless opportunities."         


 JUMP Mentorship Program organizers can be reached at:

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